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27 October 1979
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Welcome to my World of Delirium!
Yeah yeah, as you can see I'm Jafa. No, not an Aucklander or Australian, though I'm sure they are a friendly bunch. You got it, it's the other dreaded A-word, as in: Just Another Fuckin' Asian.

On the contrary though, I'm a pretty quirky, schizo-cultural kinda guy. Let me sum it up this way: I enjoy listening to French radio while driving my Japanese right-hand-drive bimmer that bears a Manx plate. Yeah... one of those. You get the idea.

This is an extension of my web site -- Reclamation Zone. I have my blog hosted here because I'm too incompetent to develop one on my own site.

Feel free to visit my web site if you've reached this blog directly through LiveJournal.com. This blog can normally be reached through my web site, ie.: Follow FIELD LOG | BLOG.

A bit of Backgrounder...
22h33 EST, 30 November 2003: This blog was born, and entries up to 11th June 2003 were exhumed from my last attempt to write a PHP-based blog on my site.

1 November 2004 I have decided to make entries with personal content private or friend's-only. If you would like to read more than what you see now, just make a comment and you'd be added shortly. And if you are interesting, chances are I have been reading your journal already. Spooked?

Check entries in Memories for threads that I've started in other communties that don't usually appear in my own journal.

Oh, and this cracks me up:
"Sorry, you listed too many interests. The limit is 150, but you've listed 161. Any changes you made to your interests were not saved. Go back and remove some of your interests, then save again."

Happy Reading!

P.S. Oh yeah, visit Fyksland if you haven't.

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