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January 1st, 2035

12:00 am - Welcome / Bienvenue / 歡迎 / Velkominoen
Number of people have bothered to read this blog since 19h00 EST, 15th December, 2003:

As of 1st November 2004, I've decided to make personal entries either private or friends-only.
For picture posts, you can view pictures in their full size by re-opening them in a new window.


December 31st, 2010

11:59 pm - Calling for all License Plates!
Currently looking for all regular issued license plate in all 13 Canadian and 51 US jurisdictions! (EXCEPT for: Alberta and Ontario). Also looking for Sample Plate in your state/province if it can be obtained for free. If you have current information on how to obtain one where you are please send it along!

My goal is to collect at least 1 regular issued plate and/or 1 sample plate from each of the 64 Canada-US jurisdictions. Condition is unimportant. Vintage, old rusty plates even better! If you have one laying in your garage or know someone who does, let me know!

Also looking for International plate as a vanity plate for my own vehicle in the following order: Mongolia, Guangdong, Hong Kong, CIS (with cyrillic letter(s)), Northern Europe

Will pay for Shipping/Handling! Or exchange for some other collectibles. (I only have 2 or 3 regular Alberta plates)

Love and Kisses from Alberta in advance :)
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August 22nd, 2010

02:57 am - Fyksian stuff
Ok so... been working on some Fyksian stuff lately. More on superlatives, converting between verb, adjectives, adverbs and nouns. Here goes.

All adjectives and verbs shown below are stems and un-inflected.

vrim - vigour (n.)

vrimskä - vigorous (adj.): add -sk to noun
vrimskäur - more vigorous (adj.): add -ur to adjective
vrimskäaþ - most vigorous (adj.): add -aþ to adjective

vrimskäling - vigorously (adv.): add -ling to adjective
vrimskälingur - more vigorously (adv.): add -ur to the adverb
vrimskälingaþ - most vigorously (adv.): add -aþ to the adverb

vrimö - to invigorate (v., stem)

vrimögølskä - invigorating (adj.): add -sk to the infinitive or gerund
vrimögølskäur - more invigorating (adj.)
vrimögølskäaþ - most invigorating (adj.)

vrimögølskäling - invigoratingly (adv.)
vrimögølskälingur - more invigoratingly (adv.)
vrimögølskälingaþ - most invigoratingly (adv.)


övrimskä - un-vigorous (adj.)
övrimskäur - more un-vigorous (adj.)
övrimskäaþ - most un-vigorous (adj.)

övrimskäling - un-vigorously (adv.)
övrimskälingur - more un-vigorously (adv.)
övrimskälingaþ - most un-vigorously (adv.)

övrimö - un-invigorate (v., stem)

övrimögølskä - un-invigorating (adj.)
övrimögølskäur - more un-invigorating (adj.)
övrimögølskäaþ - most un-invigorating (adj.)

övrimögølskäling - un-invigoratingly (adv.)
övrimögølskälingur - more un-invigoratingly (adv.)
övrimögølskälingaþ - most un-invigoratingly (adv.)

vrimvå - vigour-ful (adj.)
vrimlug - vigour-less (adj.)

vrimvåling - vigour-fully (adv.)
vrimlugling - vigour-lessly (adv.)

Now what about if you have an adjective to start with?

däp - sad (adj.)
däþeid - sadness (n.): add -heid to adjective

däpling - sadly (adv.)
däpö - to sadden (v., stem)
dapögølskä - saddening (adj.)

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October 5th, 2009

03:45 am - A different kind of pride parade
Rainbows, songs, dances, floats, and men in uniform. If you've missed the military aircraft fly-by and solemn communist leaders you might have thought it was just another Pride parade. On 1st October 2009 was another rare picture-perfect day in Beijing thanks to few dozens of rain-inducing missiles to give a postcard-worthy clear blue sky over Tiananmen Square -- an effort not seen since the Olympics. Of course, it's not everyday that China celebrates the People's Republic's 60th birthday.

I have earlier watched, 4 days after the fact, the recording of the live broadcast of the celebrations through one of Hong Kong's channels. I am planning to download the CCTV's version for keepsake. I always prefer the original but I can usually catch only 75% of the Mandarin.

Similar to the Olympics, this was a chance for China to showcase to the world 60 years of achievements. Having emerged from nearly a century of turmoil to become the only major communist state that is still functioning today, China thumbs her nose at the West, declaring that the socialism model works, for China at least. Or, in Beijing parlance: "Socialism with Chinese characteristics".

The cameras were strategically set up to capture the images of military hardwares piling through beyond a sea of red flags, or a stern-looking guard. But my favourite was the vintage of formations of destroyers zooming past beyond the tower corner of the centuries-old Tiananmen Gate. Such a sharp contrast. There is nothing better to illustrate what China is today. China's modern might (economically or militarily) is still rooted in a civilisation that is thousands of years old. It's a paradox in itself -- a celebration of a young anniversary for such an ancient nation.

I couldn't help but be proud to be Chinese on this day even though I am not exactly a fan of communism nor an authoritarian regime. Tens of thousands of troops marching past with precision mechanism, parade of domestically-made armoured vehicles, floats representing the country's diverse geography, demographics, industries, and innovations are no doubt effective propaganda tools to invoke nationalism and unity reminding me the days of Nazi Gemrany and North Korea. The parade was filled with fanfare of popular patriotic songs that were almost unheard of by people like me who grew up in British Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the seemingly zealous VIP crowd in Tiananmen Square knew every word and chanted along. At times I thought, Hong Kongers have been separated for so long with its own identity we don't know what it's like to be patriotically Chinese.

Speaking of Hong Kong, she was of course represented at the parade of provinces and autonomous regions. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the Hong Kong float was probably an embarrassment among the three "special regions" (the other two being Macau and Taiwan), or perhaps the entire parade. Yes Taiwan was there and it's the PRC's hope to one day reunite politically with Taiwan. I would be interested to hear what kind of controversy this parade stirs up on the island "province".

Of course, those were the less notable moments of the parade as far as the rest of the nation and her billion-strong population are concerned. Memorable points included President Hu Jintao speeding up and down Chang'an Boulevard in a somewhat un-dignifying fashion in an open-top Chinese-made Hongqi limo in the inspection of the troops, and playing of sniplets of speech recordings from leaders of the past and the present as their giant portraits hoisted amongst the revellers. This included the famous proclamation from Mao Zedong 60 years ago to the day of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Now Hu -- in the obligatory address to the nation, and perhaps the world -- has himself made a few key phrases that will sure go down in history, as he declared that "[t]oday, a socialist China is standing firm in the East. It's marching towards modernisation, embracing the world and the future." Hu also said China "will stick to the policy of 'peaceful reunification and one country, two systems' to help Hong Kong and Macao remain prosperous and stable, to seek peaceful development of cross-strait relations and to work for the complete reunification of the motherland, which is the common aspiration of the Chinese nation."

Let's not forget this Orwellian exercise was a congratulatory pat on the back as Hu echoed Mao's famous quote: "only socialism can save China." He then continued with the more contemporary approach: "only reform and opening-up can develop China, develop socialism and develop Marxism."

At last, it was a commemoration about the achievements from 1949 on. Sun Yat-sen, the revered founder (even in the PRC) of the Chinese republic was clearly missing. Dubbed as the "Mao tunic" in the West, the suit worn by Hu today is better known in Chinese to refer to Sun. It was perhaps a subtle tribute to the vanguard of the Revolution. Then again, with a civilisation stretching millennia, one would have to draw a line somewhere. Or else you'd have a parade lasting days. Also it would be rather difficult to pinpoint the dawn of the Chinese civilisation to celebrate anniversaries that are no doubt up in the thousands.

Yet exactly 20 years ago, the same shiny showcase military and a slightly different blend of leaders orchestrated the bloody crackdown on this very same spot that still haunts people in places like Hong Kong where the term "Tiananmen Square" invokes more sentiments of shame than pride. Perhaps the PRC is determined to put behind the evils of communism's past, or under rugs. Beside the quintessential releasing of doves and balloons, never before seen a float containing multinational expats to symbolise China's place in the global community. China, as far as judging from the parade, is determined to continue this greatest social experiment better known as "Socialism with Chinese characteristics", and coexist in harmony with the rest of the world.

Ultimately, it is the people that are to be celebrated, as illustrated by the tens of thousands or millions of participants of this glorified street party. One has to wonder the size of the military if there are hundreds or thousands of members of the same unit that have the same height. Yes if you notice the squadron formations, the soldiers' heights are identical! If you thought the Olympic ceremonies were impressive, this display of the country's greatest wealth -- the people -- at the 60th celebrations made the Olympics look like a mere dress rehearsal.

Outlasting the USSR, it's easy to forgive the PRC for bathing in this euphoria. A poignant remark from the commentator strikes me in agreement: the fact that China is able to feed a quarter of the world's population is not an achievement to be denied. And he was right. Just 60 years ago, China was war-battered and impoverished. Today she is a dynamic global power, fueling the world's Walmarts, investing on energy interests in far away lands, and even manning missions to the space beyond.

And that, is worthy of a pride parade indeed.

(repost from facebook illustrated version)

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September 11th, 2009

02:49 pm - Greetings
OMG i haven't posted for so long.

Not sure it's a good or bad thing. It's all facebook's fault!

Oh yeah, find me on facebook. :D


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January 14th, 2008

01:31 am - facebook
okay. i admit i'm addicted to Facebook nowadays. don't think i've abandoned this LJ though. Just that I've check in FB daily now. and lots more pictures there and recent happenings about me. Ok whoever would be possessed enough to wonder what's going with me anyway.

Ok as a tease, here's what's been going on lately.

Just got back from mexico from the annual corporate retreat wednesday night. This year at an all inclusive resort near Cancun. went to chichen itza and had a day out at sea sailing and snokelling. swam in a cenote and went certified as an advance open water diver. Did 6 dives altogether. And yes, buffets and lots of girly tropical drinks. More pictures on facebook.

Yeah there's bound to be hundreds of users with the same first and last name as I. so here's the address if you wanna add me.

managed to get by without being sick in mexico, other than the first day arriving there i had no sleep and nothing to eat. nearly threw up smelling the food at the buffet. Held it down and was fine after some sleep over night. went diving the very next day. but right now. i've been getting diarrhea since friday night. not sure what's going on. Maybe from the water i swallowed in the cenote while swimming? Sunday was the worse, getting in and out of the bathroom all day, it was disgusting. I may have to take a day off work monday.
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December 21st, 2007

12:46 am - Five more Gregorian years til the end of the World!
I've read about 21 December 2012 few years ago and it sure sent chills down my spine. Just by pure accident I came across the reference to 2012 again yesterday and it just left me pondering and I must get this off my chest.

If you haven't heard, that's the date the cyclical Mesoamerican Long Count calendar has the end of a 5000-some-year long cycle end the end of 2012. Remarkably the winter solstice occur on that date. Is that the date the Bible has predicted as the begining of a new world order? Or is that the date the world as we know it ends and a new cycle begins through some calamity like the Mayans has recorded? The Mayans recorded the change from last cycle to the current one occured through a global disaster, precisely a flood. The beginning of their civilazation started soon after this cycle has begun, some 3000 years BCE. Could this be the flood Noah and his family survived? If so what could happen in 2012 that the world as we know it leaps into a new era?

The Bible mentions this, if referring to the same event, in the Book of Revelation. The bible says this would signify the end of times, the 2nd coming of Christ, Tribulation, judgment day and the new beginning. The only thing the bible isn't specific on is WHEN this would occurs. Christians everywhere are pointing at all the signs around them that the end is near. To quote the Bible, Christ would return like a thief, and no one would know exactly when. Even in the Christian community there are different interpretations as to the order the events in Revelation would occur. Whether 2012 is when rapture occurs, Christ returns, the revealing of the 666, the beginninning or the end of the Tribulation is anyone's guess. Could the Bible even be talking about the same end of the cycle at all? Could it be about the end of the 7th or 13th cycle?

I'm of the believer that all these dinosaurs, pre-homo sapiens species and other artifacts that dates an earth billions and millions years old belong to one of these earlier cycles that the Mayan calender mentioned. According to them we are at the 4th cycle. I wonder if evolution, dinosaurs and early human ancestor roamed the earth in the cycles before the 4th. Could human artifacts that are tens of thousands of years old belong to an age in the previous cycles? I think the Bible described these history in condensed few chapters of genesis. In my opinion, if it took God "seven days" to create the world and the universe, that must've mean billions and millions of years in human terms. All these legends could they have originated from an age from the previous cycle? Ancient technologies, mathematics, stonehenge, pyradmids etc, were they created from now lost knowledge that was common in the previous ages?

Now if the Mayans were right about the date, is there any evidence that this is caused by some natural disaster, or some cosmic realignment? If latter, is there really anything anyone can do about it? If the poles are reversing, the sun exploding, intergalactic realignemnt or a combination of all these, there is really no escape. What if the new world order really means something man-made? Could they mean the new world would begin after some nuclear war has ended and only about 10% of the people survived? This sounds like it could be prevented but if the Mayans were right about the prediction, is there really anything that could be done in 5 years? I don't think so.

On 21 December 2012 I'll be 33 and what I can pictured is being the main protagonist in a apocalyptic world like we've seen in so many apocalyptic stories like Jericho. The main protagonist in those stories are always 30s something. Is that what going to happen? Me running around fending my own survival admist all the wreckage after losing all my belongings? Or am i lucky enough to be pulverised in some sort of explosion or be Raptured? Why O why? I'm suppose to be at my prime, </strike>beautiful and having lots of sex</strike>. Why do I end up having rationed food and running over dead bodies?

Scary thoughts.
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July 14th, 2007

01:14 am - Liberté, égalité, fraternité
In honour of la Fête nationale, here's my bastardised translation of the first line of La Marseillaise.

<tr><td>Allons enfants de la Patrie</td>
<td>Let's go country kids</td>
<td>Le jour de gloire est arrivé !</td>
<td>The glory days are here!</td>
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July 9th, 2007

11:35 pm - reno progress report
So a little update on my bach pad: all laminate is in and just have to wait for the base boards to go back on before i go clean sweep/vaccum the whole floor before applying sealant. After that I can move stuff in and start putting together IKEA furniture! I can't wait to put together Ikea furniture! No i'm serious, it's fun!

I did a little shopping spree spent over 500$ on a bed, sideboard, set of dinning table and chairs, and a small TV bench and computer desk for the study. Pretty good huh. I really wanted that Klippan couch but don't think they were on sale nor can i bring it home in or on my bimmer. I couldn't find the black fabric cover for it either. I may go back this wkn and check it out.

I scratched up my car pretty good with those boxes of furniture up on the roof and also unloading one of the heavy ones. Stupid self not using a cloth to cover the car first. Argh. Anyone know how to get rid of those abrasion(?) marks? They are not like those fine key scratch but thicker and duller. Nevertheless they look really unsightly on my grey car. *hides head in shame*

So anyway. Looks like i can move in in 2 weeks or so from now.
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July 8th, 2007

03:09 am - Stampede!
I think i'm heading to the stampede tomorrow. I'm looking forward to all the friteries!
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July 1st, 2007

11:34 pm - Happy 140 Canada! Joyeux 140e anniversaire Canada!
Yey! confettis! happiness! célébration!
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June 29th, 2007

04:38 pm - Hmmm not what I expected but it doesn't surprise me either
You scored as Belgian,






























Which European nationality should you have
created with QuizFarm.com

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June 18th, 2007

08:47 pm - Breaking News from Fyksland
Monday, 18 June, 2007
Taliban Graduation Lacks Pomp and Circumstance
WASHINGTON, USA (VKK) - A new wave of suicide bombers are gearing up for attacks on the West, according to a video aired by a US network showing a Taliban graduation ceremony. The footage, filmed in Afghanistan by a Pakistani journalist, showed al-Qaeda trained recruits were being addressed in a speech while guards with rocket launchers stood by. Critics say while the footage may be authentic, the ceremony lacks the formality of fanfare and tradition. "There maybe the typical valedictorian speech, head dresses and scarves hardly dignify as graduation gowns," commented University of Kaansä terrorism expert Ike Naran. Full story...

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June 1st, 2007

05:40 pm - Breaking News from Fyksland
Friday, 1 June, 2007
Kaansä 2012 brand launched for maximum exposure
KAANSÄ (VKK) - Nearly two years after Kaansä was awarded the Olympic Games of 2012, the Kaansä 2012 brand was officially launched today at Kildønvog Place with dignitaries and thousands of spectators. President of the International Olympic Committee Jacque Rogge after the ceremonial unveil of the logo said the brand is "innovative and it captures the spirit of Fyksland and the Olympic games." Beside the official launch, a 30-second spot will be broadcasted as well as various banners and posters will begin to surface over the weekend. People of Kaansä can expect to see fresh Kaansä 2012 liveries on most underground trains, trams and busses next week. "The market campaign is aimed to bring visibility and pride of the Games to the capital region," said Kaansä 2012 commercial director Sjana Koe. Full story...

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March 13th, 2007

01:39 am - Myriad Day!
Yey! *C*O*N*F*E*T*T*I* I'm exactly 10,000 days old today.

god i feel ancient!
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February 18th, 2007

12:11 am - 恭賀新禧! 豬年大吉!
Happy New Year! Happy Pig Year!

Yey! Confettis, fire crackers, double happiness and such!
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February 14th, 2007

12:54 am - One month til Myriad Day!
The count down continues... 一萬日!

In other news, I've just got home from work like 1/2 hour ago. c'est malade.
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January 28th, 2007

04:36 pm - My citizenship status
So I've been researching on my citizenship status of various points in my life and came up with some very interesting factoids...

At birth
Being born in HK in 1979, I was by virtue a:
- British Subject (which was also known as a Commonwealth citizen);
- United Kingdom and Colonies citizen (CUKC) ;
- People's Republic of China (PRC) citizen; and
- Permanent resident of HK (Right to abode).

These status were provided by British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act 1914 which stated that a person born in "His Majesty's dominions" a British subject; and by British Nationality Act 1948 which created the CUKC status. The position of the PRC is that people of Chinese descent born in the official Chinese territory is a Chinese citizen and has PRC citizenship ONLY. Official Chinese territory included all of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. The PRC would not recognise any foreign (namely British and Portugues) nationality status own by its Chinese nationals because it would be validating the Unequal Treaties that ceded Hong Kong and Macau.

1 January 1983
On this date, the British Nationality Act 1981 came into force. Colonies were renamed as Dependent Territories thus new citizenship categories were created. "British subject" was now only known as Commonwealth citizen. Thus, under the provisions of that Act I became a:
- British Dependent Territory (BDT) citizen;
- Commonwealth citizen;
- People's Republic of China (PRC) citizen; with
- Permanent resident of HK (Right to abode).

22 July 1992
Our family immigrated to Canada and upon landing we were granted Permanent Resident status. Thus, I was still a:
- BDT citizen;
- Commonwealth citizen;
- PRC citizen;
- Permanent resident of HK (Right to abode); and
- Permanent resident of Canada.

8 March 1996
All four of us naturalised as Canadian citizens on that date. I became a:
- BDT citizen;
- Commonwealth citizen;
- PRC citizen;
- Permanent resident of HK (Right to abode); and
- Canada citizen.

Interesting to note that the PRC nationality law stipulates that a Chinese national will lose his PRC citizenship when naturalised in a foreign country. However, PRC nationality law would not apply to HK until 1 July 1997. Plus, according to Hong Kong SAR Basic Law Annex III Article 8, it was clarified on 15 May 1996 that a HK Chinese national may still keep his PRC citizenship even though he has obtained foreign citizenship.

By virtue of being a Canadian citizen provided by the Citizenship Act 1977 I am also a Commonwealth citizen. This status is connected to both Canada and HK at the same time.

So between this date to immediately before 1 July 1997, I in fact had as much as four citizenships.

1 July 1997
On this date HK was returned to PRC sovereignty and the HKSAR established. BDTC status ceased to exist and could not be retained. HK permanent resident status also ceased to exist and replaced with HKSAR permanent resident status.
- PRC citizen;
- Commonwealth citizen;
- Permanent resident of HKSAR (Right to abode); and
- Canada citizen.

So there you have it, I'm currently a multiple citizen of PRC, Canada and the Commonwealth with right to abode in HKSAR. I am currently unsure if I have lost my HKSAR permanent resident status because I may have been too late in renewing my ID card. Guess it will be the next thing for me to find out.
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03:38 pm - 45 Days to Myriad Day!
Yep folks! It's the official countdown to Myriad Day!

I was doing a citizenship status chart for myself and discovered today that i was born 9955 days ago. Which means I would soon have graced the Earth for 10,000 days! wow. As you know 10,000 or myriad (萬) carries special meaning in East Asian cultures. It's one of the basic counting units for large numbers. So, 10,000 is significant.

I'll tell you more about my citizenship status in the next post.
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January 27th, 2007

06:38 pm - Breaking New from Fyksland
Saturday, 27 January, 2007
Government buys antique map at 62 million
ROME, Italy (VKK) - The Fyksian government has yesterday won its bid for one of the earliest editions of the Zeno Map. The Venetian map, published in 1558, is believed to be one of the oldest copies which fetched 62 million crowns in auction held in Rome yesterday. The 14th century map shows early exploration of the North Atlantic including Greenland and east coast of North America. Fyksland was labelled as Frisland in this early version of the map. The copy was lost during Second World War and was recently recovered in an estate sale. The Ministry of Culture plans to put the map on permanent display at Scandinavian Hall after works of restoration and preservation are completed. Full story...
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October 5th, 2006

03:51 am - oh crisp.
Tuesday night I booked myself a flight to toronto for midnight thursday, that's 21 or so hours from now. I'll be arriving toronto friday morning. Hopefully my u-haul rental will be ready for pick up some time in the morning. I am waiting for the confirmation sometime today. I've been reading ALOT of horror story about uhaul and i'm very much freaked out. There's no alternative. NO OTHER truck rental company will do one way, if they do, none covers calgary and toronto. no luck handsoff moving company, other more expensive than U-haul or no service available. I don't understand what's going with the moving industry?!

this is really heading downhill from here at this point. I can't find the access key card to the u-haul storage building. I do have the code though. just great i can punch in the code but i couldn't swipe in to begin with. I hope the penalty isn't great, and i'm still allowed access. will call tomorrow.

Meanwhile, keith has given me AWESOME instructions to his place where i'll be crashing before driving back home to Calgary saturday morning. will tentatively head there after truck is all loaded up. ALL depends on how early/late i'm getting the stuff done. Will meet David as well for a night out as well.

I'm bringing the work laptop with me, hopefully i can get wireless connection at the motel. It'll probalby take me 3-4 days to drive back. Of course i'm stopping along the way. I should've planned this earlier as i've known i'm getting the day off on friday. However i did not know my parents would let me head out so easily. The one way flight on westjet is like 500$+. comparing to my return flight from vegas in January 07 that's well under 200$ via vancouver. My parents have the reason to be worried, ever since my roll over....

Hope this will all work out, i'll really need all the luck i can get. Meanwhile, happy thanksgiving!
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October 4th, 2006

11:59 pm - DO NOT EVER go to Personally Yours
DO NOT EVER EVER have engraving done there.

They took the initiative to call me on tuesday to fix my ring that day, which i'll give them credit for. All they really needed to do was to buff out my initial and re-do it over in another quarter next to it. Today i got my ring back and it has been buffed out entirely and engraved from scratch. the positions were correct this time at least and i was somewhat satisfied at the time. I couldn't really complain even if i wanted to, the person who does this was gone, she's only there on selective days during the week.

When i got home, i inspected the ring under better light, I found that the previous engraving was still visible!!!! Those fuckers! The I's now looks like 1's and are not even straight! the inside of the ring is rough now and looks awful. I think it might be too late to take it back since i didn't say anything then.

I may just get a new ring and have it engraved again once i got my P.Eng and have the date to engrave on the ring.
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October 1st, 2006

03:39 am - 3^3 days til Cube Day! w00t!
As indicated in the heading: w00t! i'm so drunk. :P
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September 29th, 2006

01:49 am - Iron Ring inscriptions
So i plan to inscribe my Iron Ring with dates and initials. My birth date, date of my iron ring ceremony and the date i'm getting licensed as a P.Eng. hopefully they can manage doing that all. Gonna check it out tomorrow.
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September 27th, 2006

12:30 am - 30 days til Cube Day!
Yey! The count down begins...
Current Mood: excitedexcited

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